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How Effective Is Blog Content Marketing?

Why do you need blog content marketing? Keep reading to see just how blogs generate results for your business.

How Effective Is Blog Content Marketing?

Improves Your SEO Rankings

If you want to stand out, you need to be among one of the first search results that users see. Forbes reports that more than 70% of users don’t go past the first page of websites that Google lists. Integrating blog posts into your content strategy is the way to optimize your SEO because you can integrate target keywords into your posts naturally.

Boosts Credibility in Your Target Market

Blogs are an effective tool for boosting credibility because they give you the opportunity to go more in-depth about topics that require more than the few hundred characters you usually see on social media. This positions you as an authority in target markets that may be looking for an expert in your field – anyone can share their opinion on a social media post, but it takes skill to put together a well-researched and thoughtful article.

Makes You Shareable

Not only does blogging content provide an alternative to the kind of post you typically see on social media, but it also adds more value to your existing social media strategy. A blog makes you shareable. In your social media posts, include key messages from the content on your blog. Interested users can share your social media posts and visit the blog on your website, increasing your web traffic. It’s a win-win.

Enhances Your Reputation

Integrating blogging into your content strategy will enhance your online presence by letting you be the one to tell your story. Your content can reflect your brand’s values and priorities. Customers can hear first-hand about how you work to live by the values you promote. Their admiration will subsequently increase brand trust. Research from MIT found that brand admiration from customers meant brand trust.

Helps You Understand Customers

It’s simple but game-changing to understand: people don’t have a lot of time, so they’re not going to read something that doesn’t interest them. With this in mind, every single blog article you post can improve your marketing strategy because you will learn what people do and don’t want to read. For example, you can segment existing buyers into groups or find the pain-points of disengaged customers.

Generates New Leads

Blogs do more than provide insight into existing customers. Marketing efforts that focus directly on bringing in new clients or consumers will benefit from blog posts because consistent, quality content will draw in buyers who may be undecided. One unplanned visit to your site will turn into frequent searches of your content once users see that you add value.

When done right, a blog can amplify any marketing efforts. The bottom line is that leads generate new revenue, and blogs create an environment that attracts a wider audience. Our SEO services will maximize your content strategy by executing blog posts that get positive feedback from users and search engines alike. Contact our team at Patriot Marketing and become a lead-generating machine!

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